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Eland Man
Jackal and the Sun

Lion and Fire Sticks
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!nanni’s Sketchbook – Annotations of Loss and Abundance

An examination of the !kun children’s material in the Bleek and Lloyd Collection (1879 – 1881)

This book presents the paintings, drawings and stories of four !xun children whose childhoods were dramatically interrupted when they were abducted from their homes near the Okavango River in 1879. !nanni, Tamme, |uma and Da arrived in Cape Town from Namibia and lived with the English linguist, Lucy Lloyd, in her home for several years while making this collection with her.  Until very recently, their collection of 17 notebooks and more than 570 paintings and drawings had been largely ignored and remained a silent partner to the larger, |xam, part of the collection. This book reveals the story of where they came from and how they created this extra-ordinary childhood archive.



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Manyeka Books

When Manyeka curators Kapilolo Mario Mahongo and Marlene Sullivan Winberg first started swapping stories in 1994, none of Kapilolo’s extended !Xun family stories had been written down. They set out to document the storytellers’ voices and for 20 years, recorded the kulimatji of this endangered tradition, while working to improve the social and economic status of the practitioners of this art form. That’s how Manyeka Books were born.  Listen to samples from our story collection in our digital exhibition:



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