Our Vision

A world where young people and their elders share each other’s stories 

Our Dedication

The Manyeka Arts Trust honours the memory of Meneputo Manunga Manyeka, southern African storyteller, healer and dancer. During the 1930s, after a childhood dream had called her to the healing tradition, Manyeka’s elders began to school her in their repertoire of stories, songs and music, passed on from generation to generation. Manyeka upheld her endangered cultural heritage throughout her long life, despite the devastating effects of war, acculturation and poverty. Her title, Manyeka, belongs to an almost extinct !Xun dialect, and means ‘to heal’. Manyeka has made a considerable contribution to the Manyeka Arts Trust collection of verbal and visual art, handbound books, music, oral histories and other forms of intangible and traditional knowledge

Our Mission

We support the development of vulnerable children and youths through engagement with their elders in story-telling and other forms of artistic expression, including music, fine art and digital media. We do this with our workshops, performances, exhibitions, research, documentation and publications that promote culture as a source of knowledge, meaning, value and identity in the search for sustainable solutions to critical social problems

Our Legal Structure

The Manyeka Arts Trust is a registered human rights oriented, not for profit Public Benefit Organisation. A Board of Trustees oversees its work in culture for sustainable development


 Registration Number: 121-617 NPO

We invite you to visit our eExhibition at http://sanmemoryhouse.com 

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